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Miami Is Not Plastic is an initiative to eliminate Single Use Disposable Plastic and join the global movement to unclog our ocean and save the marine life.


We strive to transform communities through education, awareness and responsible practices. We inspire local business in the hospitality, parks and marina sector in the Miami area to adopt alternative options to single use disposable plastic.

We partner with several organizations in our quest to protect the environment.


Join us and be part of the movement! 


Miami Is Not Plastic is about changing the culture around use of plastic utensils and bags in venues in greater Miami area. 

Consumers that are dining out in our city want to know that our choices are not having a negative impact on the world.


This is more than just a fashion trend. We stand for permanent shift in our lifestyle, big change, that can be made through every day simple actions.


What can you do?


If you are a venue: 

Sign up to become a member of Miami Is Not Plastic and get some awesome bonuses - special member prices for plastic-alternative products from our vendors, visibility on our website, press we generate and our social media accounts. 

It's totally free to be a member and we'll set you up to get started.

Criteria for participating venues are:

1. No plastic straw, have alternative options, and give them upon request only

2. No styrofoam or plastic to go containers

3. No plastic utensils or tableware (plates, cups, bowls etc) 

4. No plastic to go bags - have paper or tote bag alternative

5. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, share the page, use #MiamiIsNotPlastic and spread the word


If you are an individual:

1. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and share the page with your friends

2. Use the hashtag #MiamiIsNotPlastic and tag us for a shout out

3. Order your drink without a straw next time you go out.

4. Invite your favorite restaurant, bar, cafe to join the movement

5. Participate in our events and initiatives to transform communities


Thanks in advance for all your support!

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